August 1999

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#Welcome To My Nightmare

Incest is a tough subject for any film-maker, but for Tim Roth, a British movie star making his directing debut, it's worth the risk. Interview by Shane Danielsen

#Bill Murray: In Cold Blood

How one baby-boomer comedian starred in a demolition derby's worth of rickety vehicles, took in a couple of quality cruisers on the side, and lived to stay funny and cool. By Richard Kelly

#The Innovators 1950-1960: Divining the real

André Bazin, father of film studies, has been dismissed as quaint for his attachment to realism and belief in God. It's time his insights were rehabilitated, argues Peter Matthews

Racing With The Moon

The Western never went away, but for a while the gun-toting cowboys did. Now Stephen Frears has brought them back in The Hi-Lo Country, what do we want from them, asks Jim Kitses

Hooker's Magic

Wild Side, the last movie directed by Donald Cammell, starring Anne Heche and Christopher Walken, was cut by the studio for video release. Now Cammell's long-time editor is restoring the original. Geoffrey Macnab reports

Books Special

Despite enthusiastic new tomes on the subject, we are still waiting for a ground-breaking book on Chinese cinema, argues Tony Rayns. Plus reviews

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me

Its gags may be scattershot and its story flimsy, but Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me gives critics the goldfinger by being more subtle than it seems, argues Xan Brooks

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