December 1999

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#Death's Cabbie

After Vegas and Tibet, Martin Scorsese is back on the mean streets of New York for Bringing Out the Dead. This is no Taxi Driver retread, argues David Thompson, but a mature variation on a favourite theme of redemption

#The Innovators 1980-1990: Jock of Gold

Don Simpson, the man who invented the high-concept movie, may be reviled by cinephiles but there's no denying his influence changed the industry forever. By Shawn Levy

Juggling In The Dark

Lars von Trier has cast child-woman pop diva Björk for his new 100- camera musical. Stig Björkman talks to the director about what may be the most expensive Danish movie ever made

There's something about teenage comedy

Teen comedies are the new low-cost moneyspinners for the US studios, but are they so young, dumb and full of puns? Not when it comes to boy/girl relations, says Stephanie Zacharek.

The Group

How insular is young French cinema? Why is it so obsessed with ensemble chamber pieces? Chris Darke ponders the politics of the new auteurs and actors.

TV Special

Edward Lawrenson on the set of BBC2's flagship drama In a Land of Plenty; Maggie O'Kane revisits the Bosnia of Warriors; Peter Kosminsky on how Days of Hope changed his life. Plus news and reviews.

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: Ride with the Devil

Ride with the Devil, Ang Lee's follow-up to The Ice Storm, may be painted with broader strokes than his earlier work, but it still confirms that he's a masterly and most mysterious talent, argues Peter Matthews

Reviews in this issue:

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