Kim Newman

Kim Newman is a critic, author and broadcaster. One of the world’s foremost experts on fantasy and horror cinema, he regularly contributes to both Sight & Sound and Empire magazine, where he writes the column ‘Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon’.

Among many fiction and non-fiction books, his most recent publications are Nightmare Movies (Bloomsbury), Doctor Who (BFI Palgrave) and Anno Dracula, Professor Moriarty: The Hound of the d'Urbervilles and Anno Dracula: The Bloody Red Baron (Titan).

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Online articles

#The Cabin in the Woods Review

Drew Goddard and producer Joss Whedon’s marvellous meta-monster horror may be smarter (and funnier) than it is scary, says Kim Newman. From S&S May 2012

The films of 2011The films of 2011 Poll

In a strong year for arthouse cinema, Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life emerged as the clear winner of the S&S poll of international critics’ best films of 2011, says Nick James. from S&S January 2012

#Transformers  Dark of the Moon

Michael Bay’s third shot at his giant shapeshifting robot franchise continues to drag its knuckles. Kim Newman looks in vain for the awesome fun.
From S&S September 2011

#The man with the scalpel: mad movie plastic surgeons Feature

Banderas’s doctor in The Skin I Live In is only the latest in the movies’ proud heritage of gothic medics. By Kim Newman. From S&S September 2011

#X-Men First Class Review

Set in the comic-books’ native Kennedy era, Matthew Vaughn’s latest entry in the knotty X-Men series is clean, cool and seemingly imperishable, says Kim Newman. from S&S August 2011

#Corridor of Mirrors Close up

Kim Newman reviews a familiar-yet-weird rococo makeover romance – the directorial debut of future James Bond director Terence Young.
Web exclusive, April 2011

#The Green Hornet sells out! Close up

Kim Newman tracks the masked superhero’s journey from 1930s radio days to 21st-century big-screen vacuity. Web exclusive, January 2011

#Thor Review

Norse-mythical Asgard crosses hammers with modern-day spook trail New Mexico in this latest addition to the Marvel Comics movie franchise. Kim Newman even detects a touch of Shakespeare. from S&S July 2011

The films of 2010The films of 2010 Poll

The Social Network and Uncle Boonmee Who Can Remember His Past Lives head our round-up of the films and highlights of the year, as voted by 85 critics and curators. from S&S January 2011

Mothra Lost and found

Foot-high singers and a giant godlike moth made pioneering Japanese monster movie Mothra too wonderfully weird for America, says Kim Newman. from S&S September 2010

The best film booksThe best film books Survey

51 leading critics and writers nominate their top five films books. A clear-cut top five emerges – and film writing may have found its Citizen Kane. from S&S June 2010

#Let Me In Review

A US remake of the hit Swedish vampire hit Let the Right One In, Matt Reeves’ film may be less daring, but it works better as a horror film, finds Kim Newman.
from S&S December 2010

#From romance to ritual Feature

Barry Lyndon takes its inspiration from Thackeray’s source novel. But in Kubrick’s hands the tone – and the hero – are transformed. By Kim Newman.
from S&S March 2009

The greatest films of all timeThe greatest films of all time Poll

How Kim Newman voted in our 2002 poll.
From S&S September 2002

Last Updated: 18 May 2012