#The Gilbert Adair files:
Double takes – Heurtebise

Winter 1984 to Summer 1985

Adair’s pseudonymous contributions to Sight & Sound’s Double Takes column, from our Gilbert Adair tribute trove

#The Ms-fits Prize fighting

This year’s Best Actress race inspires Nick James’s best clairvoyant impersonation

#Fight for rights, will to power:
The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

Greg Tate explores the shifting struggles for black equality – and identity – presented in a new narrated documentary montage of footage found in the Swedish television archives

#Persona non grata: Lars von Trier’s Nazi rebellion Behind the news

Lars von Trier’s controversial outburst in Cannes this year was not entirely out of character, finds Nick James

The land still lies: Handsworth Songs and the English riots Out of the archive

Mark Fisher reflects on a screening of Handsworth Songs, the Black Audio Film Collective’s 1986 essay on black Britain, in the wake of this summer’s wave of civil unrest

Playing pirates
Music video blog

David Knight hijacks the airwaves to show today’s kids a thing or two

Revenge of the fleshpit!
Annals of cinemas

Mark Pilkington remembers the Scala, London’s classiest and trashiest cinema

Women on film: inspirations part six – Films (and a cinema) Competition entries

Our female film-writers’ competition entrants’ celluloid and concrete inspirations, from Autumn Leaves to Hasting’s Electric Palace cinema

Women on film: inspirations part five – Characters Competition entries

Our female film-writers’ competition entrants’ world-of-fiction inspirations, from horror’s ‘final girl’ Laurie Strode to Up the Junction’s Polly Dean

Egypt’s revolutions on film
Guest column

As Egypt forges itself anew, Omar Kholeif looks back at representations of nationalist revolution in its cinematic history

The three o’clock rite: Ingmar Bergman’s home cinema Guest column

Lena Bergman remembers the viewing habits of her father Ingmar Bergman in his unique private cinema, a converted barn on Fårö, the Baltic island where he lived until his death in 2007

Women on film: inspirations part four – Other collaborators, crew – and critics Competition entries

Our female film-writers’ competition entrants on their behind-the-camera inspirations, from cinematographer Robert Krasker to Alfred Hitchcock’s wife Alma Reville

Quick cuts and slow change: experimental film’s fate Comment

Laura Allsop on how the Arts Council funding cuts will affect experimental filmmaking in the UK

Women on film: inspirations part three – Directors K-W Competition entries

Amateur female film critics salute directors from Krzysztof Kieslowski to Billy Wilder

Women on film: inspirations part two – Directors A-H Competition entries

More submissions from our female film writers’ competition mailbag: nominations from Chantal Akerman to Alfred Hitchcock

Women on film: inspirations part one – Actors Competition entries

The best of the entries to our competition for female film writers – including paeans to Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, Margaret Sullavan, Haley Mills, Helena Ignez, Emma Thompson and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Critics’ inspirations Women on film

Our female writers offer thumbnail descriptions of their own film-world inspirations

Women on film, online Women on film

Sophie Mayer follows the trail of female film critics into the digital realm, finding both community and quandries

The ladies vanished Women on film

Hannah McGill wonders where all the women critics went – and why

Someone’s got to do it Music video blog

Pop promo impresario David Knight introduces his inaugural online column for Sight & Sound

Antonioni: the afterlife

Chris Darke pursues the spirit of the late Italian master through recent films, plays and books

The end of prestige?

The UK Film Council may be dead. Miramax is pensioned off. Nick James reads the entrails of ‘quality’ cinema in the Digital Age

Rough cuts

Nick James reacts to news of the abolition of the UK Film Council, and warns against axing our already struggling art-film sector

Nitrate: the smouldering screen

Kevin Browlow remembers when the silver screen really glistened

#That was then, this is now: British television’s new writing talents

You might not have noticed, but the past ten years saw the advent of a new ‘golden generation’ of British television-drama writers. So says Mark Duguid, looking back at the decade’s key works

Movies to MohammadMovies to Mohammad: Mark Cousins’
The First Movie

Mark Cousins on bringing video cameras and projectors to the children of Goptapa in northern Iraq

CrossroadsWe have always recycled: Rick Prelinger on the rise of ‘archive fever’

Mark Cousins on bringing video cameras and projectors to the children of Goptapa in northern Iraq

For Cultural Purposes OnlyNot forgotten: For Cultural Purposes Only

Palestinian writer Adania Shibli finds her own memories stirred by Sarah Wood’s filmic remembering and redrawing of the lost Palestinian Film Archive

Last Updated: 23 Dec 2011